Providing the ultimate in safe solution, our Euro Grade Safe offers an increasing range of protection in order to keep your items secure.

  • Inner compartment

  • Shelf

  • Deposit tube or drum

  • Motion sensitive interior light


SINGLE KEY LOCKING (VdS Class 2) Available in a range of sizes from 71 to 770 litres, the Euro Grade 3 model complies with EN 1143-1 Security Grade III. It is fitted with 40mm diameter solid steel sliding bolts on three sides, continuous hinge protection and a single security key lock, which can be reinforced with a selection of combination and digital locking mechanisms. The door can open to a 205˚ angle, is equipped with a fire seal and has provision for a base fixing that is covered by a snap-on cover. It also has a number of fittings including shelving adjustable to every 50mm, an alarm connection, lockable compartment, metal door pocket and a rotary or tube deposit.

Insurance companies’ ratings can vary with higher or lower figures applied depending upon risk, location and locking option. If it is important then please check with your insurers.

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