As a data protection expert, HSM offers document shredders for every need. They shred paper, credit cards, CDs and DVDs in strips or particles.

This is the safest option for shredding sensitive documents such as bank statements, tax documents or personal information directly at a desk in the workplace.

The data protection legislation requires that organisations shred confidential documents. But a document shredder is a good investment in security also for the home office.

At HSM you will find the right document shredder, whether for home offices, offices, IT departments or professional document shredding.

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HSM shredstar X5 - 4,5 x 30 mm

Data protection for the home or the small office. This modern and compact particle cut document shredder with a separate CD cutting unit shreds data in the home.

HSM shredstar X10 - 4,5 x 30 mm

Professional data protection in the workplace. This convenient home office document shredder with particle cut and separate CD cutting unit shreds files and CDs/DVDs securely.

HSM shredstar X15 - 4 x 37 mm

The top model on castors of the HSM shredstar line. Quiet and powerful, it provides for more data security in the workplace thanks to the particle cut and also has an anti-paper jam function. It can be used by up to five people.

HSM SECURIO B24 document shredder

For increased data security in a modern design. The quiet document shredder with an anti-paper jam function and powerful drive components is designed for continuous operation. We recommend it for use in the workplace.

HSM SECURIO B26 document shredder

Data security at the highest level. Thanks to the smooth and powerful cutting system, this document shredder is particularly suitable for data destruction in the workplace or for small working groups.

HSM SECURIO B32 document shredder

High quality materials, proven quality – the reliable security partner in the workplace. With an intake width of 310 mm, the document shredder effortlessly shreds DIN A3 paper. It is the perfect device for working groups from five to eight people.

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HSM SECURIO B34 document shredder

This premium document shredder in an elegant design provides for data security in an open-plan office. Thanks to the powerful drive, it reliably and quietly shreds the incoming amounts of data from up to eight people.